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Welcome to a website of Abyssinian cattery. It is situated on the west of Moscow.

Our cattery is registered in the systems CFA(#262637), TIKA(#27822), ICU(#0438.RU), FARUS(#369/M/14).

Our cattery breeds Abyssinian cats of modern American type. We work only with thoroughbred lines. The priority of cattery's breeding program, first of all, is cat's health, temper and thoroughbred qualities. Our cats don't live in caves. they calmly move in the flat and are the members of the family. Our cattery is not so big, that allows to pay maximum attention our cats and kittens. Having moved the kitten to your place, you can always contact us to help or counsel.

With regard breeder Lovchinovskaya Daria


Abyssinian kitty Абиссинский котенок

Абиссинский котенок



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About Abissinian cat

Abyssinian cat- is a cat with active vital position. They are super tender, really like dynamic games, with pleasure bring the toy, which was thrown to cat and like to catch a laser pointer's ray. Aby are focused to a person, they are cats-companions, they take an active part in household chores, they get on perfect with children and will never scratch your child. Despite their hyperactivity, abissinians will never hand on curtains or spoil your furniture, this is beneath their dignity. these cats like, when a lot of guests come to their house. Abyssinian's hair don't need special care, it's enough to comb him with a soft brush. If you need to wash aby, it won't be stressful neither for you, nor for a cat. Cats like water and sometimes you can also meet cats, who love to swim in the bath. Given the appearance our kitten in your house, your life becomes more happy, cheerful and you can enjoy endless positive emotions.