Kitten in your house

 You have finally chosen and reserved a kitten and are looking forward to take a new member of the family to your place. The question appears how to get prepared for such a big event? Now it is not only your house, it's also his, where he should feel calm, cozy and safe. Let's do it step by step.

Preparing house for kitten's arrival;

Hide electric cables.

Put all medicine, cleaning, washing and toxic substances in inaccessible places.

Place on windows increased firmness nets.

Temporarily put precious pieces of decor away.

New habits;

Don't leave street shoes in an unavailable access. Great amount of infection and bacteria is brought on them.

Rubbish must be not accessible for a kitten. There could be sharp objects, small bones, plastic bags, which smell with meat and fish - a kitten can choke.

Hold a cover of a toilet closed. Not often a kitten, who fells in the toilet, can get from it without aid.

It's very important not to leave in the free access your food, while a kitten is very curious and during your absence can try some not typical food for him, that can cause an upset stomach or allergic reaction.

Get into the habit to look, where you step and while closing the door, check, where the kitten is.

By loading the washing machine, check that a kitten is not inside.

Remember, that the kitten is the same as a child and your task is to keep him away from danger in the house.

What you have to buy before a kitten will move to your house;

 Kitten's toilet and shovel.

The filler for cat's toilet. It's necessary to buy the same one, like it was in breeder's house. Than you can change it, but not immediately, do id slowly.

A house for a kitten. He has to have an own corner. Pay attention that house, in which will live your kitten, should not be in the draught. Small kitten can catch cold easily.


Claw cutting machine.

Soft brush for kitten's hair.

Fodder on the recommendation of the breeder. If you plan to change it or the hole system of feeding, do it after the adaptation period.



Moving a kitten;

You will need;


Two diapers, blanket, if it's cold.

Wet wipers.

A rubbish bag.

During the drive, small kittens are often feel sick, sometimes, because of fear, they can go to the toilet. Don't blame a kitten and don't panic.

A kitten in your house;

It's better to pick up the kitten the day before weekends or during the vacation, in order to spend first days with him and help him to adapt. This period is very important for both of you, you lay the foundation of your relationships, so devote a lot of time to a kitten, showing him your love and care. It's the only way to become the best friend for kitten.

It's important not to scare the kitten in this period, don't switch on near him noisy house hold appliances. Don't raise your voice while he is near, and don't shout on him.

You shouldn't take a kitten every minute in hands, give him some time to explore the house.

If in the breeder's house the kitten knew exactly what he can do and what can't. But on the new territory he will check what is permitted and what is not. Decide at once, what will be allowed for the kitten in your house and what will be prohibited. To show the kitten, that he is not allowed to do something, you can clap and say steadfast ''NO'', the kitten will adapt to these rules very fast.

Watch a kitten not to climd to the remote places. It's better to think about it in advance.

As for as kitten is moved in your house, I always stay in touch. I am not indifferent to the kitten's destiny and I'll be happy if sometimes you send me photos and tell stories about your life together. I really hope, that kitten, who was grown up in my cattery with love, caress and care will be a welcomed member of the family and you, in turn, will love and look after him. We are in response, for those is tamed by us.